The 486 Dinky Beats and the Beatles Bull Nose Morris

In 1965 Dinky released its second ‘Special’ the 486 Dinky Beats Morris Oxford Bull Nose Morris . At the time the Beatles were riding high in the charts so the timing was right but the licensing costs probably prohibitive – hence a model that generically reflected the beat groups of the day. And for the avoidance of legal doubt there were only three members of  this fictitious group.

486C 3_4
486 Dinky Beats Morris Oxford Bull Nose

But why choose a Bull Nose Morris? Well they already had a model that could be adapted, the 476 Morris Oxford Bull Nose, and also the Beatles first manager Allan Williams owned a Morris Oxford Bull Nose which he’d bought in 1959.

Image 08-07-2018 at 17.46.jpg
Allan William’s Morris Oxford Bull Nose

Williams owned The Jacaranda and Blue Angel music venues and hired the future music superstars to perform in his clubs.

He rented a van and drove the group to its first Hamburg concert on August 16, 1960, so “it takes little to imagine Mr. Williams ferrying John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best around Liverpool — if not further afield — aboard the Oxford Morris Bullnose” (say H&H Auctions).

Image 08-07-2018 at 17.50 (1).jpg

And if you want to buy this car its up for sale:

The 1926 Morris Oxford “Bullnose” owned by The Beatles’ first manager “and most likely used by him to ferry the lads around” will be up for auction at the H&H Classics sale at The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, UK, on July 18 2018.

This article was sourced from H&H Auctions

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