120: Happy Cab

DINKY 120 HAPPY CAB (1979-80):

The Dinky 120 Happy cab was produced in 1979 and like its counterpart the 115 United Biscuits Taxi lasted just a year till 1980. The model was based on the chassis of the 475 Model T Ford.

Box and car2.png
120 Side.jpg
120 front and back.png
120 top.jpg
120 bottom.jpg

As Dinky’s financial crises grew they came up with plans to get more out of the existing moulds and the baseplate and wheel tooling of the Dinky 475 Model T Ford was modified to create the  115 U.B. Taxi and 120 Happy Cab.

Model T 34.jpg


Early version had yellow painted wheels

The earliest version had yellow wheels but there is a variant with unpainted wheels possibly made as the line came to an end and the yellow paint ran out.

2 versions.jpg

One version had a taxi sticker at the front similar to the #115 United Biscuits version

And a version with no front, back or roof stickers, probably towards the end of the production run when Dinky had run out of stickers.

Variation comp.png


A prototype version with ‘drag’ racing wheels, the smaller ones from existing stock used by various racing cars and the 361 Galactic War Chariot,  was sold by Vectis in 2020.

Image: Vectis Auctions

And finally as featured in Model Collector June/July 1989, a  ‘Police’ version, with more than a nod towards the ‘Keystone Kops’ and keeping to the Happy Cab wacky theme.

Police MC JJ 89 2
Model Collector  June/July 1989


box comp2.png

The Happy Cab was promoted in the 1979 catalogue alongside the similar United Biscuits Taxi which was never commercially available in toyshops.

1979 Catalogue

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