The Dinky 602 Armoured Command Car prototypes


The Dinky 602 Armoured Command Car was first produced in 1976.  It was based on a model used in Gerry Anderson’s ‘The Investigator’ which never made it past the pilot episode.

Vectis Auctions

The 602 is not hard to find and can be purchased in good condition with a box for around £50

Vectis Auctions recently sold a prototype, made in 1975, for this model. The key differences are the colour scheme and it has cast metal wheels rather than the plastic ones on the original model. Not in very good condition but it still went for £130


Vectis Auctions

The all plastic yellow version below is also a prototype, It was not a prototype for the metal model which went into production but for a range of all plastic versions of existing Dinky models that the company believed would be much cheaper to produce. The range never went ahead. The last version Vectis sold went for £600.


Vectis Auctions

Click here for more information on this model and its variants






3 thoughts on “The Dinky 602 Armoured Command Car prototypes

  1. NIce article. It’s a good model with quite a lot of play value. The yellow prototype that was unsold on eBay for well over a year at an exorbitant price seems to have vanished.

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  2. Hi Martin, Yes, it is the Vectis one and was on sale at an asking price of £1,500 a few weeks ago and now has returned at a slightly lower price. Cheers Kevin


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