101: Thunderbird 2

DINKY THUNDERBIRD 2 (1967 -1973):

Dinky 101 and 106 Thunderbird 2 models were amongst  the most popular Dinky models made. Licensed from Century 21, Gerry Anderson’s TV company who produced the extremely popular supermarionation TV series Thunderbirds, they were produced between 1967 and 1980 and were an accurate depiction, apart from the 106 colour scheme,  of the TV vehicle with great play value.

Thunderbird 4 was also provided and sat in the detachable pod.

Group 101 106 G and BW.jpg
The first 101 Thunderbird 2 and the last 106 version

The 101 version lasted 6 years and was green, the colour of the model in the TV series but it had a key design flaw with its easily breakable legs. The 106 version was larger and had a more sturdy under carriage but was released in primarily metallic blue.


The first # 101 models were produced in a reasonably accurate gloss green colour, though this changed to metallic sea green later.

101 G 3_4 1.jpg
101 G Side 1.jpg
101 G Front and back.png
101 G Top2.png
101 G Bottom v2.png

The legs on the  very first models were easily broken and because the body was riveted, repairs were very difficult. Within 6 months the rivets were replaced with screws. The legs issue was addressed with the new 106 casting which were thicker and sturdier.

101 G Bottom COMP3.png
Soon after its first release the main body rivets were replaced with screws

The key feature of the model was a pod that detached from the main body and contained a miniature Thunderbird 4 a mini submarine. The main body’s legs could also drop down and be retracted.

101 G Front pod 1.jpg

The pod door of the gloss green version was green plastic.

101 G Side pod 1.jpg


In the TV series, International Rescue’s Thunderbird 2 was used as a transporter, carrying fantastic and slightly improbable machines to help rescue and save the trapped, the foolish and the occasionally incompetent. Dinky provided Thunderbird 4, a mini submarine in its pod.

prop COMPpng.png

The very latest incarnation of Thunderbird 2 was built for the 2016 DVD episodes of Thunderbirds 65.



The Thunderbird models were accurate replicas although there were a significant number of different props, around 20, produced during the series as models got damaged of additional vehicles were needed to allow parallel filming.

Note though when looking at the image below that the green 101 version is a smaller model than the blue 106 model which has been scaled to provide a comparison with one of the TV series props.

Prop v actual2.png

There were a significant number of different props, around 20, produced during the series as models got damaged of additional vehicles were needed to allow parallel filming.

prop many versions2.jpg
Source: @kishimen_ksmn



The second variant of the 101 was released in metallic green paint finish. The legs were a more orangey yellow that the green version.

101 BG 3_4 1.jpg
101 BG Side no legs.jpg
101 BG no legs front and back.png
101 BG top.jpg
101 BG bottom2.jpg

The early version of the metallic green variant had green pod doors which were then changed to black.

Pod MG doors COMP.jpg

Also later on, the text on the pod bottom omitted the ‘made under licence for CENTURY 21 TOYS LTD’

Pod bases MG COMP1.jpg


The first box for the 101 Thunderbird  was a beautifully illustrated all cardboard construct with an illustrated inner tray worthy of a Turner Prize..

Box cardboard COMP 1.png

There was a plain white inner packing piece provided to stop the model moving during transit.

Box cardboard COMP 2.png

There were two versions of this box, the first was labelled as ‘Straight from Thunderbirds’ and a later version with Straight from Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds. The text was also changed on the black side panel.

On the second version additional text was also added to the front image, ‘Colour of model may differ from illustration’

Box cardboard COMP 4.png

Also included in the box was French explanation of the Thunderbirds TV series including a promotion for the 100 L FAB1, the ‘L’ being a French catalogue number designation and also operating instructions for Thunderbird 2 numbered as 101 L.


The second box type was the bubble box, and this had a blue base or the rarer white one. The font size came in two versions for each box type.

box bubble 101 blue COMP2.png

box bubble 101 white COMP.png


Thunderbird 2 made the Dinky consumer catalogue from its introduction to the range in 1967 until 1974 when it was superseded by the 106 version. Curiously T2 never made the front cover of any catalogue.

1967 UK C 101.jpg
Dinky 1967 and 1968 UK consumer catalogue
1969 UK C 100_101_102_106.jpg
Dinky 1969 UK consumer catalogue
1970 UK C 100_101_102_1204_104_105_106_108 2.jpg
Dinky 1970 UK consumer catalogu
1971 UK C 100_101_102_103_104_105_108.jpg
Dinky 1971 UK consumer catalogue
1972 UK C 100_101_103_104_105_351_352_353 2.png
Dinky 1972 UK consumer catalogue
1973 UK C 100_101_103_104_105.png
Dinky 1973 UK consumer catalogue
1974 UK T 100_101_103_104_105.png
Dinky 1974 UK trade and consumer catalogue


101 and 107 window ad 2.png

1967 trade fair leaflet.jpg
1967 trade fair leaflet
1968 leaflet.jpg
1968 trade fair leaflet


Dinky Ad 1969 2.jpg
1969 Advert
TV21 No 74 May 2068.png
TV 21 May 1968 Ad
TV21 No26 March 1970.png
TV 21 March 1970 Ad

101 TBird.jpg



4 thoughts on “101: Thunderbird 2

  1. Hello,

    First of all, congratulations with your website.
    I have a rather unusual question :
    I’m busy to write a blog article for QDT about Aston Martin DB’s (like I wrote in the past about the Vollvo P1800.)
    QDT says on their website that the reverse side of the 1967 trade fair leaflet with Lady Penelope’s FAB and Thunderbird 2 & 4 shows an Aston Martin DB6. But QDT doesn’t have a picture of this reverse side. Can you help me ?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,

    Luc Vancampenhout


    1. Hi Luc, I can validate that the Dinky 153 DB6 in blue is on the back of the 1967 trade flyer as I have one. When scanner is back on line I will be happy to send you a copy as I recently found this item in Australia in very good condition. I have some photo’s available for your for reference if need.




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