5th September 2019:

See NEWS page for 101 Thunderbird 2, new matt green version

A new variant of the 107 Stripey the Magic Mini has been identified by regular contributor, Martin. This version has spun wheels rather than the more common cast wheels for this model.

spun wheels2 crop-cutout.png
                                                                                                                                 Image: Martin



8th August 2019 and updated again 9th August 2019:

See NEWS page for new version and a variant of  102 Joe 90’s car  page or go directly there via this link.

23rd April 2019:

A regular contributor, Martin, has pointed out that  on the first version of the 359 Eagle Transporter,  the version with the yellow side thrusters, the base colour of the plastic underneath the chrome rear thrusters and the underneath/pod thrusters could be yellow or red.

Chrome thusters COMP2.png

26th March 2019:

Updated information about the different variants of the first version of 102 Joe’s Car including the rear fin rod covering which identifies the first version of the model. Thanks to Gary Cooper for this.

Rear fin cover COMP3.png

25th March 2019:

Shane Mace has pointed out that the rear of the 353 SHADO 2 model changed early on in the production run. Initially they has six holes on each of the vertical struts but these went and were replaced by a smooth and slightly thicker and longer base version.  Internally two new braces were added so it looks like this was for strengthening purposes.

rear view x 2.jpg

18th March 2019:

More photos of a  rare 108 Sam’s Car have been added. This is in fluorescent orange and was for export only.

Orange DF 3_4.jpg
Image: David Fortune

14th March 2019:

103 Spectrum Patrol Car:   There is an ongoing debate about whether there were definitive different red paint shades or whether these differences were due to a combination of the usual paint colour tolerances and/or sunlight or similar exposure. One ‘bright’ red version was definitively discounted due to it being photographic colour  reproduction issue. Perhaps someone could provide pictures of different versions photographed together on a white or other neutral background.

Additional images of different versions added and also painted or unpainted rear lights variants

103 red and bronze rear group .jpg

11th March 2019:

At the very end of Dinky Toys existence a few new space toys found their way into the last of the released 1980 catalogues. One was a new line of pocket sized space toys called Star Chasers and although prototypes and images have been seen it is generally considered that they were not commercially released. I have just acquired one on eBay that appears to be a production release, possibly a salesmen’s sample. Are there any more out there?

Star Chaser 3_4.jpg

5th March 2019:

351 UFO Interceptor: Additional information about the featured pre-production / prototype model sold at Christies.

prototypre resin2.png

104 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle:  New blue/white missile image added and new bubble box variation added.

White and blue missile

361 War Chariots:  Tweaks and error corrections to text.

367 Space Battle Cruiser:  Additional info noting the prototype version’s lack of wing tips.

Pre prod resin 2.jpg

25th February 2019:

361 Missile Firing War Chariot: The mystery of the spacemen with lugs on their feet has been solved.  The spaceman came with the final version of the 361 chariot series and was probably packaged in Italy, where the last versions were made. They usually were fitted with red spacemen, previously used with the 367 Space Battle Cruiser or racing drivers from the 226 Ferrari racing car.

Some however had spacemen with lugs on their feet and were obviously not Dinky figures.

MFWC WhiteP WH 3_4.jpg

An eagle eyed reader, Adrian Smith, has identified them as figures from the Tente company, who were based in Spain and made building bricks and sets similar to Lego. The range was very popular across Europe and it seems that during the production run of the Missile Firing War Chariot, the assemblers ran out of spacemen. Perhaps a quick call to the sales people at Tente managed to solve the problem.

Tente Astro Laser kit


15th February 2019:

108 Sam’s Car, a new variant which is missing the red detailing has been submitted. Thank you to Patrick Collins

108 All silver.jpg

358 USS Enterprise, the first version and probably during 1976 only, had decals on the main engines. These were replaced by paper stickers for the rest of the production run. Thank you to David Penn.

Decal version GROUP4.png
Top: Sticker    Bottom: Decal


Finally, Jacques du Jardin has suggested that the 602 below which is sporting a stiff aerial would have been contravening British Safety standards for children’s toys in place at the time, and so is probably a code 3.

27th November 2018:

602 Armoured Command Car,  This is a version with an unusual aerial. Purchased from a reputable auction house, this came taped to the bottom of the vehicle and is a perfect fit for the hole. Are there any more out there?

602 strange aerial.png

Also recently unearthed was a 352 Ed Straker’s Car provided in a tall carded bubble box. This was sold by Astons Auctions in 2014.

Box tall card type.jpg

Thank you to Matthew Trbuhovic

22nd November 2018:

Gary Cooper, a UK collector, has provided images of his all green 353 SHADO 2.

All green 1.jpg

Additional pictures have been added of the cream interior for this model and some minor text edits as well.

22nd October 2018:

I’ve been advised By Mike Piggott that the Corgi version of the 803 Enterprise and 804 Klingon ship were bespoke and did not use the Dinky dies and molds. The entry has been updated.

Corgi COMP.png

15th October 2018:


The cream interior version has been spotted, with a white interior as a comparison. Thank you, Matthew.

Cream interior2 PS.png

Any other interiors out there? Please advise!

10th October 2018:


  • Added silver chrome version of this model

353 3 Versions COMP.jpg

10th October 2018:


  • Additional image of recently acquired 361 with red/black missile

GWC red black missile2.jpg

9th October 2018:


  • New version of white base version with yellow legs added
  • Update to blue model colour explanation

106 Blue White Yellow legs 4 PS.jpg