Captain Scarlet


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was a 1960s British science-fiction television series produced by the Century 21 Productions company of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, John Read and Reg Hill.

Gerry Anderson Primer: Captain Scarlet

Captain Scarlet Props

Set in 2068, Captain Scarlet concerns the hostilities between Earth and a race of Martians known as the Mysterons. Spectrum a worldwide SECURITY organisation utilises the extraordinary abilities of its primary agent, Captain Scarlet. During the events of the pilot episode, Scarlet acquires the Mysteron healing power of “retro-metabolism” and is thereafter considered to be virtually “indestructible”, being able to recover fully from injuries that would normally be fatal.

Dinky produced 3 models from the series, 103 Spectrum Patrol Car – SPC (1968-76), 104 Spectrum Patrol Vehicle -SPV (1968-76) and 105 Maximum Security Vehicle – MSV (1968-75)

Captain Scarlet catalogue

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