357 Klingon Battle Cruiser


The Klingon Battle Cruiser was based on the D7-Class Battle Cruiser in the original Star Trek TV Series and later Star Trek films as a K’t’inga-class, which was very similar. The model was released to partner the 358 U.S.S. Enterprise which was captained by the Klingons’ arch nemesis Captain Kirk and there was even a picture of him and his first officer Spock on the front of the box.

box and K out2.JPG

Both ships were approximately the same size and both fired ‘photon torpedoes’, out of a frontal firing mechanism , imagined as white discs for the Klingon ship

K plus USS.JPG
The 357 Klingon Battle Cruiser and the 358 U.S.S. Enterprise

357 Side.JPG357 back and front.png
357 top.JPG357 bottom.JPG



The main play feature for this model was the firing torpedoes. The disc was inserted into the top of the front cabin and by flicking one of the small side wings it would be ejected at speed.


The accessory pack included with the model had 8 discs and additional decals.

accessory pack.JPG


In the Star Trek TV Series the D7 class battle cruiser was a 23rd century warship designed and used by the Klingon Imperial Fleet.


The bulk of the ships overall mass was incorporated in the aft section of the ship. The bridge was located on the bulbous head, which was separated from the aft section by a relatively thin neck that flared out into the wings. Jutting from below these wings were a pair of outboard warp nacelles. The ship’s impulse engines were located on the rear fin sections of the ship.

studio model3.png


prop v actual2.png

The model was reasonably in proportion to the prop but for some reason the front section was attached at a downward angle, giving the ship a stoop.


The first models had more pointed rear wing tip and plain detailing on the white plastic underneath rear edging. Later models had a more rounded edge, probably for safety reasons as the sharp point would have been hazardous on a toy and even more so if the plastic underneath was chipped away. The moulding underneath was also modified to make enable a better fit and on the bevelled edge additional detail was added.

PvR COMP3.png


There were two commercially released box types.

box 1 and box 2.png

The first box was an all cardboard type and the second the hanging box type with a window. The first box type has two versions one with the back illustrated below and the other with the back used on the second box type.

box 2 comp.png

The second box type:

box COMP.png

Prior to the release of the first Star Trek Movie, ‘Star Trek – The Motion Picture’ in 1979, Dinky produced a sample box promoting the film which had cardboard cut out figures on the rear. It was never issued commercially.

pre prod box COMP.png
Sold by Vectis Auctions
The 357 Klingon Battle Cruiser was paired with the 358 USS Enterprise in Gift Set 309 and the unreleased 306 Space Gift Set .

box front4.png


There was a photographed model used in Dinky adverts, including Meccano Magazine which featured a Klingon Battle Cruiser with red underbody and engines. I can’t be sure but the red detailing looks hand painted, perhaps to enhance the photo.

Meccano cat red engines.png
Meccano Magazine Ad 1978

A sales pack of six boxes still wrapped in cellophane

pack of 6 klingons.jpg


The Klingon Battle Cruiser made its first appearance in the 1977 trade catalogue with red engines and then strangely on a later page as artwork with blue/white engines.

1977 UK T 357_111.png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue
1977 UK T 101_351_353_357_358_359_360_602.png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue

Both Star Trek models featured on the front cover of the UK and US 1977 consumer catalogues but with different artwork.

1977 US C 357_358.png
Dinky 1977 US consumer catalogue front cover
Dinky 77 UK Cat.png
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue front cover
1977 UK C 357_358.jpg
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue
1978 UK C 357_358.jpg
Dinky 1978 UK consumer catalogue
Dinky 79 UK Trade 2.png
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue
1979 UK T 112_113_354_357_358_359_307AGS_309SGS.jpg
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue
1980 ECT FAIR 357_358_360_361_363.png
Dinky 1980 Earls Court Fair catalogue
1980 Mec T 357_358_801_802_803_804.png
Dinky 1980 Meccano trade catalogue


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 13.14.45.png

Dinky Ad 4.jpg
Meccano Ad