108: Sam’s Car

DINKY 108 SAM’S CAR (1969-1974):

Dinky Toy’s 108 Sam’s Car was produced between 1969 and 1974. Sam’s car was a model of Sam Loover’s car from the Gerry Anderson TV21 series Joe 90.

Group x 3.JPG
Three common versions of the 108, with the light blue being the rarest of the three.

It had a ‘keyless clockwork motor;’ which was enabled by pulling the car backwards to wind it up and then releasing. A W.I.N. (World Intelligence Network) lapel badge was also provided. Note the caveat on the box that the: Colour of the model may differ from illustration 

108 car plus box2.jpg108 side.jpg
108 front and back.png
108 top.jpg
108 bottom.jpg

Underneath the licensing text reads: Made under licence from © ATV (Overseas) 1967. This was due to new separate arrangements for the U.S.A. in 1967, when a new subsidiary ‘Associated Television (Overseas) Limited’ took over responsibility for the pre-funding of various new Gerry Anderson productions for ITC.


A stick-on W.I.N. badge (World Intelligence Network) was also provided in the box. The badge holder and sticky back protector is often missing. Note the font variations.

Badge COMP.png

The new keyless pull-back clockwork motor feature was later used in the 352 Ed Straker’s Car.

108 motor.png


Sam Loover was in charge of W.I.N. the World Intelligence Network who Joe 90 worked for, although he called him ‘Uncle Sam’. The TV series car was a modern two door saloon, with a rear spoiler that was a rarity in the 60’s and 70’s and gave the car a futuristic feel. The car was a metallic silver grey with a gas turbine job engine delivering 200 miles an hour.

prop 1.png

Sam’s car with Joe’s car outside WIN HQ.



108 side.png


The four most widely available colours were metallic red, silver, a powder and a mid blue and the latter two are the rarest of the four.

Variations x 4.png

There was also a maroon version and seen only very rarely, a fluorescent orange version, (also described by Astons Auction house as ‘fluorescent pink’) which was for USA export only and relatively few were manufactured.

Variations x 2.png

Orange DF COMP.png
Fluorescent Orange version.  Image: David Fortune

A chrome version which is missing the red paint used for the rear vents and for the front radiator area has been sent in by a collector. This looks like a factory error but may have been a small production run  because of a lack of paint to add the detail on the production line. More examples please!

108 All silver GROUP.png
All silver version on the right (Image: Patrick Collins) 

And finally the very rare gold version.  A New Zealand collector has two gold 108s, one of which curiously has gold screws. This is possibly a promotional model or specially produced as a gift for managers.

Sams Car gold MT4.jpg
Images: Matthew Trbuhovic
Sams Car gold MT COMP.png
Images: Matthew Trbuhovic

The second variant of the gold version has black detailing and is a slightly darker gold.

MT Gold Black COMP.png


Dr Force’s Dinky book mentions this model as does The Great Book of Dinky Toys and the former has a picture of a dark gold/bronze chromed version.

Ed Force2.png
Dinky Toys: Dr. Edward Force

There were two types of wheel used both of which were used on other models, mostly sports cars.

wheel COMP.png

The majority of bases were black. A blue grey version has been seen on a Maroon coloured variation.

Bases COMP.png


Sam’s Car only had one box type and included a W.I.N. badge.

box COMP.png


108 Intrstructions.jpg
108 Instructions (Image: Jacques Du Jardin)


The car first featured in the 1969 catalogue and looked white rather than silver but perhaps that was a printing issue.

1969 UK C 100_101_102_106.jpg
Dinky 1969 consumer catalogue
1970 UK C 100 to 108 FrontCover.png
Dinky 1970 consumer catalogue front cover
1970 UK C 100_101_102_103_104_105_106_108.png
Dinky 1970 consumer catalogue

The 1971 catalogue first featured the red version.

catalogue 1.png
Dinky Catalogue 1971
1972 UK C 102_108_354.png
Dinky 1972 consumer catalogue
1973 UK C 102_108.png
Dinky 1973 consumer catalogue


Dinky Ad 1969.jpg
Ad 1969
Dinky Ad 9.jpg
1969 Ad
TV21 No26 March 1970.png
TV 21March 1970
Italian topolino 1973.JPG
Italian Topolino Ad 1973

4 thoughts on “108: Sam’s Car

  1. I have a chrome model with a chrome rear window area! but the lights/grill are red their are no signs of any changes to the body but someone has painted the base in black by hand (over already chipped paint) so the base has been messed with I could supply images


  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for your note. Sounds like an interesting variant. If you can send some pics that would be great. Please send via dcmtvspace (at) virginmedia.com. Cheers Kevin


  3. I scratched a racing stripe on dads back in the 70’s… Sigh!
    I just found the bumper to my SPV… no all I need to do is find the rest of the SPV…


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