112: Purdey’s Triumph TR7


Dinky 112 Purdey’s TR7 was produced between 1978 and 1980 appearing after the TV series, The “New Avengers’ ended in 1977.

112 3_4 2.jpg

112 side.jpg
112 side and rear.png
112 top.jpg
112 bottom.jpg

The model added a ‘P’ to the bonnet as well as silver stripes, which were not on the actual car. This was presumably to further differentiate it from the  TR7 Sports Car 211 and the rally version 207. The car also had opening doors and flexible bumpers.

open doors.jpg

group tr7s.png
A gaggle of TR7s


The New Avengers was a British secret agent action television series produced during 1976 and 1977. It was s a sequel to the 1960s series, The Avengers.

The series picked up the adventures of John Steed (Patrick Macnee) as he and his team of “Avengers” fought evil plots and world domination.  In the new series he had two partners: Mike Gambit (Gareth Hunt) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley).

Lumley and poss TR7.jpg

Joanna Lumley

Purdey’s had a number of vehicles during the TV series and one of them was a British Leyland Triumph TR7.

Purdey driving her TR7 during the TV series


Purdey’s TR7 from the Avengers TV series and the Dinky model.

actual v model.png


The model first appeared in the 1978 trade catalogue with different decals to the released version. Interestingly it looks like Purdey is spelt PURDY….



Purdey’s TR7 was only available in the last hanging box type, with either a blue or a rarer red header. The interior was blue for the blue header and yellow for the red header.

box blue header.jpg
car in box.jpg

The box advertised Steed’s Jaguar 113 which was never commercially produced, although a few sales examples were made and occasionally appear on auction sites.

box comp.png


Gift Set 307 had 112 Purdey’s TR7 and 113 Steed’s Jaguar. Only Purdey’s car was ever commercially released. Note the first version of the set featured the TR7  with different decals to the commercially produced version and features poorly drawn artwork. The second version of the set has a TR7 with no decals or in other words a 211 TR7 Sports Car.

gift set COMP.png



Purdey’s TR7 appeared in the 1978 Trade catalogue but sporting different decals to the production version.

1978 Trade Catalogue.png
Dinky 1978 UK trade catalogue
1978 Cat P13.jpg
Dinky 1978 UK customer catalogue
Catalogue Dinky C 1979.png
Dinky 1979 consumer catalogue 

The TR7 also appeared in the 307 New Avengers Gift Pack which was never released.

Catalogue 1978 Gift set.png
Dinky 1978 UK customer catalogue
Cat 1978 US C.png
Dinky 1978 US consumer catalogue
1979 UK T 307AGS_309SGS.png
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue

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