485: Santa Special Model T Ford


Dinky #485 Santa Special Model T Ford, produced between 1964 and 1967, was the very first ‘Special’ made by Dinky. Until then all the models had been based on actual vehicles and this turned out to be the start of many new and very profitable additions to the range.

485 3_4.jpg485 side.jpg485 front and rear.png485 top.jpg485 bottom.jpg

The car was based on the 475 Ford Model ‘T’ 1908 car which was introduced in the same year. Co-incidentally amongst the the very last Specials that Dinky made, the 120 Happy Cab, also used the 475 Ford Model ‘T’ chassis.

475 Model T.jpg
Dinky 475 Model T Ford


box comp 1.png

box short side.jpg


The model made its first appearance in the 1966 catalogue.

1966 UK C 485.jpg
Dinky 1966 UK catalogue
1967 UK C 485.jpg
Dinky 1967 UK Catalogue


1970 France 485.jpg
Dinky 1970 French catalogue

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