Space Battle Toys

In 1979 Space fantasy was still very popular, with movies such as Alien, Star Trek and Bond’s Moonraker all being released. To tie into that market Dinky released five imaginary space vehicles all with firing missiles and made up names for this supposedly lucrative market. They all lasted until the factory closed.

361: Galactic/Zygon/Space/Missile Firing War Chariot

362: Trident Starfighter

363: Zygon Patroller

367: Space Battle Cruiser

368 Zygon Marauder

Space Battle composite

The 367 Space Battle Cruiser evolved into the Dinky manufactured exclusive Marks and Spencer Cosmic Cruiser and also provided missile tubes for the also exclusive Marks and Spencer Cosmic Interceptor. The Cosmic Cruiser became the 368 Zygon Marauder and the Cosmic Interceptor, the 363 Zygon Patroller.

SPACE vehicles COMP.png
L to R: Space Battle Cruiser, Cosmic Cruiser, Zygon Marauder, Cosmic Interceptor,  Zygon Patroller


By 1979 Dinky were re-using, re-inventing and creating new models as cheaply and efficiently as possible due to their dire financial situation. This family tree shows how many of the the space models were modified to produce new lines.


10 thoughts on “Space Battle Toys

  1. Wouldn’t you agree that the UFO Interceptor also belongs in the family tree, since it’s front landing skids were also recycled onto the M&S Cosmic Interceptor and the Zygon Patroller?


  2. Good question but although the legs are similar they are not the same. The upright stanchions are vertical on the 353 Interceptor but angled on the Cosmic Interceptor/Patroller. The ‘knee joint’ is reversed as well. I suspect Dinky created a new mold, rather than re-use an existing part as the body fixings are very different.


    1. Ah, I haven’t seen one in person. Just in photographs. Since they are molded in dark plastic it’s hard to see. I withdraw my question!


      1. I actually thought it was reuse of the angled front skid from the Shado Interceptor, but upon closer inspection, I can see that the ones on the Cosmic Interceptor and the Zygon are much taller.

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  3. 362, The Trident Starfighter. It is actually a blank for an unproduced S.H.A.D.O. Sky 1. The wings were used on the 367, Space Battle Cruiser along with the Rocket launchers (Missiles). Your correct about its main body being the Airfix Starcruiser Interceptor, bye the way.

    363, Zygon Patroller, is actually a SEPECAT Jaguar, minus the wings,

    361, War Chariot, is the base from Lady Penelope’s Rolls-Royce FAB 1, reversed.
    The Missile launcher is from S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2.
    The Turbine Engines, are from the Joe 90, Mac’s Flying Car.
    But the pair of Astronauts ???


    1. Thanks Steven for your comments. I agree the Zygon Patroller is based on the 731 Jaguar and the possible forefather of the Space Battle Cruiser was the Airfix Starcruiser. I’m not sure I agree that the Trident Starfighter was based on the SHADO Sky 1, I can see a similarity but it’s not close enough. The War Chariot had parts from a number of models, as you correctly mention apart from the base. This is too small to be from FAB1 and when the model is disassembled its very clearly a modified 355 Lunar Rover base. The astronauts may well be from Meccano, these were available from this company after the demise of Dinky. Cheers Kevin


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