115: United Biscuits Taxi


The Dinky United Biscuits Taxi 115 was released in 1979 and withdrawn that year. Although the 115 United Biscuits Taxi was illustrated in the 1979 Dinky catalogue, the model was not distributed by Dinky and it could only be obtained from United Biscuits as a promotional offer.

115 3_4.jpg

This model was issued at the same time as the 120 Happy Cab.

115 Side.jpg

115 front and back.png

115 Top.jpg

115 bottom.jpg


The Dinky 115 “United Biscuits Promotional Taxi”, a limited number promotional model, was probably created due to the fact that the United Biscuits factory was just down the Binns Road and the person who at this time was the marketing manager at Meccano Ltd had been hired from United Biscuits.

UB offer comp

‘Taxi’ was the name of a chocolate  biscuit sold under United Biscuit’s McVitie’s  biscuit brand and was available in multi-packs using a yellow and blue wrapper, in a New York taxi cab style design.

To get the model customers had to send off  four token wrappers from the new “Taxi” biscuits and a small amount of money. The model was provided in a plain white box.


The model came in a plain white cardboard box.

115 UB Box.png


1979 Dinky Catalogue
Dinky 1979 UK Catalogue
Dinky 1979 Trade Catalogue

3 thoughts on “115: United Biscuits Taxi

  1. Hi Laith, The United Biscuits taxi, that I think you are referring to, was last manufactured by Dinky in 1979!. There are lots around though on auction sites such as eBay and at very reasonable prices, just type in ‘Dinky 115 taxi’. Cheers Kevin


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