674: Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch


The Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch 674 was produced between 1976 or 1977 and 1978 depending on your source. It was derived, as was the 602 Armoured Command Car, from the never transmitted ‘The Investigators’ TV series produced by Gerry Anderson in 1973. Reg Hill designed the original prop. The pilot programme is available on DVD.

674 3_4.jpg
674 side.jpg
674 front and rear.png
674 top.jpg
674 bottom.jpg

The launch came equipped with a rocket launcher, activated by twisting the searchlight around, and three rockets, two of which could be stored behind the pilots seat. The missiles were the same as used on the 691 Alvis Striker vehicle.

missiles comp2.png

Underneath the red seats and out of sight was the giveaway Investigator Boat marking.

investigator mark3.png


The design was based on Reg Hill’s (Gerry Anderson Productions) spy boat for John and Julie, the marionette stars of The Investigator.

prop comp.png
John and Julie ride the waves in the pilot episode

As with 602 it seems that Dinky were trying to get ahead of production of the TV series to ensure their models would be ready as soon as the TV programme aired which of course never happened so after waiting for a time they were re-invented as different concepts.

coast plus armoured.jpg
Dinky 674 and 602

The Dinky model had twin rocket engines, a swivelling rocket launcher at the front which came with 3 missiles and a customs officer in the driving seat.


The prop for the TV series was yellow and white with a red mast and chromed engines and did not appear to have any weapons. Dinky changed the colours to blue and white with red seats, kept the mast and engines but these were now blue and added a missile launcher.

actual v prop.png
674 3_4 3.jpg
Prop Sept 18 Auction B 1.jpg


There is a turquoise-green engine variant and there were colour shade differences to the most common blue engine model.

There are also a number of Code 3 variants available which show how the model may have turned out had the TV series been commissioned.

A CODE 3 Investigator boat made by James Wilson and sold on eBay 


Dated 21st March 1973, this is the factory drawing for the ‘Investigator Boat”


A prototype was sold on Vectis Auctions for £130, this was painted in yellow

Vectis Auctions


The Launch was only available in a window box.

box comp.png


The first appearance of the Coastguard Launch was in the 1977 trade catalogue.

1977 UK T 674 .png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue
1977 UK C 674_724.jpg
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue
1978 UK T 674_724.png
Dinky 1978 UK consumer catalogue


Dinky advert.png

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