Other Gerry Anderson TV Shows


In 1966 between the end of ‘Thunderbirds’ and the start of the ‘Captain Scarlet’ TV series, Gerry Anderson came up with a bold concept for a new project. The Candy and Andy puppets were to feature in a kids TV series but only made it to a comic strip.

Jamie Anderson explains what the series was all about:


The Secret Service was a British children’s espionage television series, filmed by Century 21 for ITC Entertainment and broadcast in 1969. It was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.



Full details of the background to this story are in the 367 Space Battle Cruiser section

 ‘Starcruiser’ was either a Gerry Anderson proposition for a half-hour, live action series for the CBS channel in America or just an commercial idea to produce a Spaceship toy would appeal to children. Whatever the actual story, Starcruiser appeared as a comic strip in Look In magazine in 1977 and Airfix kits of Starcruiser 1 (1978) and the Starcruiser Interceptor (1981) were produced.  The 367 Space Battle Cruiser has a close resemblance to the latter kit.

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