477: Parsley’s Car

DINKY 477 PARSLEY’S CAR (1970 -1973):

The Dinky 477 Parsley’s Car was created by Meccano after FilmFair the makers of ‘The Herbs’ which featured Parsley the Lion wanted suitable transport for him to feature in their spin off show,  ‘The Adventures of Parsley’, a children’s animated TV series shown in the early 70’s. The film company and Dinky designers worked together on the project.

car and box3.png3_4.jpg

477 Side2.JPG477 Back and front.png477 Top.JPG477 Bottom.JPG

The base plate carries the original 476 labelling ‘1913 Morris Oxford’


There’s no roof but there is a Parsley figure whose head can be turned and an opening boot.


The film company picked the 476 Morris Oxford (Bullnose) model (1965-1969) to create the prop and Dinky also used this to create ‘Parsley’s Car’. The 476 Morris had also been used to create the 486 Dinky Beats.

476 3_4png.png
Dinky 476 Morris Oxford (Bullnose)


The Herbs was a television series for young children made for the BBC by the FilmFair company. It was written by Michael Bond (creator of Paddington Bear), directed by Ivor Wood using 3D stop motion model animation and first transmitted from 12 February 1968 on the BBC1.

A spin-off series entitled The Adventures of Parsley was transmitted from 6 April 1970 in the 5-minute period between the end of children’s TV and the BBC Evening News. This had 32 episodes, some of which were released on VHS as Parsley the Lion and Friends.


As both models were based on Dinky’s Bullnose Morris Oxford and FilmFair and Meccano (Dinky) were liaising about the project, its not surprising that the prop and the toys are very similar. FilmFair also used Meccano parts to create their prop.

Prop and actual.png

And Parsley himself is well reproduced in the model.

Other merchandise featuring characters from The Herb Garden and Adventures of Parsley included books, comic strips, colouring books, puzzles and many others



There was one variant which had yellow wheels and this is much less common.

Yellow and red wheels2.png


The colourful box featured cuts outs of many of the characters from the TV Series including Dill the Dog, Bayleaf the Gardener, Constable Knapweed and Tarragon the Dragon.

box comp.png

cut out figures.png
Constable Knapweed, Tarragon the Dragon, Dill the Dog and Bayleaf the Gardener


A single pictorial appearance in the 1971 catalogue was achieved. The short production run reflecting the lack of significant marketing.

1971 UK C Catalogue.png
1971 UK consumer catalogue

The August 1970 Meccano magazine gave an extensive write up to the model.Meccano 1970.png



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