113: Steed’s Jaguar Coupe

Dinky 113 Steed’s Jaguar Coupe (not commercially released):

Neither the 113 Steed’s Jaguar Coupe car nor the Gift Set 307 ‘New Avengers’ both from the TV Series The New Avengers  ever reached the production line, although the 112 Purdey’s TR7 from the same series, was produced in 1978, possibly because it was just a repaint and rebadge of an existing model.

Steed’s car was to have been produced by Lintoy in Hong Kong, the Binns Road factory being well on the way to closure and the management were seeking to cut costs. However it appears that Lintoy were not paid or not paid enough so very few were actually produced for Dinky.  In addition it was probable that The New Avengers set & the Jaguar wouldn’t have sold particularly well as the last episode had aired in the UK in December 1977 and the series was nowhere near as successful as its predecessor.

Some of the prototypes however have survived.

car and box.png
Genuine pre-production model sold at Vectis Auctions in 2007


Genuine models are very hard to come by and command exorbitantly high prices, a recent authenticated model being sold for £5,400 at Vectis Auctions.

The cardboard boxes for these models would probably have come from Dinky but Lintoy also sold a version on a card with a factory sealed blister pack. One of these was sold for £3,000. The text reads Dinky Toy rather than Dinky Toys and similar packaging was used for the 361 War Chariot and the 219 Big Cat Jaguar.

113 bubble.png
Genuine pre-production 113 sold by Vectis Auctions

The following Steed cars are also believed to be the real thing.

113 genuine aus COMP.png

Below. Dinky 113 Steed’s Jaguar Coupe. An authentic prototype item from the Dinky factory, with provenance. Sold initially by Christie’s and then by QDT.

113 genuine Q COMP.png

The model was planned to come with a ‘criminal’ who would be flung off the car as it moved away. There is no evidence of any mechanical or spring loaded mechanism to do this and it’s possible the action relied on the figure having uneven legs.


Car plus figure.png

It should be noted though that here are significant number of code 3s based on the #219 (Jaguar) Big Cat which were also being produced about this time at the Lintoy factory. These were made in their thousands either blister carded or wrapped in bubble wrap.

Big Cat.png

So purchasing a genuine 113 is fraught with danger! And expert advice via Michael77 from Planet Diecast suggests:

It should contain a plastic steed figure at the wheel, these are yellow and painted grey with light pink on the face and badly moulded hands, secondly the glazing unit should have a number 2 stamped  into it and at the back of the casting on the rear spoiler just above the right rear light cluster and thirdly on the inside the peg that holds the glazing unit in place is much shorter than production versions and it doesn’t have a retaining ring that holds the glazing to the casting

All the models and boxes below are code 3’s.

113 code 3 COMP.png
Code 3 113 John Steed’s cars


John Steed drove a number of cars on The New Avengers TV Series. including a green XCJ12 C , a road going replica of the Broadspeed Jaguar wide-body race car.

Prop comp.png
The original car was recently sold at auction in Oct 15 for £62,000!


The Dinky 113 is blue rather than green, although the earliest catalogue picture was in that colour.

prop v actual.png


A resin/wood prototype model was made prior to creating the first pre-production models.

Resin model1.jpg

Resin model4.jpg

A resin prototype was sold by JK Auctions in August 2019, it had been in the Parodi collection. The Parodi family were the sole importers of Dinky Toys for Italy and acquired a massive collection of Dinky Toys including prototypes.

parodi collection 113 COMP.png
Resin prototype of 113 John Steed’s Coupe                Pictures: John Knox


There were only a handful of window boxes made for the prototype models and these are very rare. The blister card was produced by Lintoy in Hong Kong after the Binns Road closure. The tall bubble box is always a code 3 as this box type was phased out before the 113 was ever produced.

box comp.png
Window box, blister pack and code 3 tall bubble pack


The Gift Set 307 was also never commercially produced although its made its way into the trade and consumer catalogues. Note how the 112 Purdey’s TR7 front bonnet decal changes.

gift set COMP.png
Top: 1978 trade catalogue Bottom: 1978 consumer and 1979 trade catalogues


Although featured as ‘coming soon’ in the 1977 trade catalogue and the in the 1978 consumer catalogue, John Steed’s jag never made to the shop shelves.

1977 UK T 113 .png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue
catalogue 1977 Trade.png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue (enlargement)
1977 UK C 113.jpg
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue
1978 UK T 112_113.png
Dinky 1978 UK trade catalogue
1978 UK T 302EGS_307AGS_309SGS_.png
Dinky 1978 UK trade catalogue

1978 UK C 112_113.jpg

Dinky 1978 UK consumer catalogue
1978 UK C 302EGS_307AGS_309SGS.jpg
Dinky 1978 UK consumer catalogue
1979 UK T 112_113_354_357_358_359_307AGS.png
Dinky 1979 trade catalogue
1979 UK T 112_113_613_688_737.png
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue
1979 UK T 307AGS_309SGS.png
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue


The back of the 112 Purdey’s TR7 box.

box back Big Cat poss.JPG


3 thoughts on “113: Steed’s Jaguar Coupe

  1. I think I may be in possession of one model the figure and glass check out but the number I have is “7” and there isn’t anything on the rear spoiler area.


  2. Hi Mark, Its hard even for the experts to agree what is real and what is fake. Very few were made but there are lots in circulation. If a model has provenance that can help and people should always purchase from a trusted seller. Sadly because a genuine 113 can sell for ‘000s then its a tempting target for a fraudster. Caveat Emptor! If you have photos I would love to see your Jag, unfortunately you can’t upload directly to this site so please use dcmtvspace(at)virginmedia.com Cheers Kevin


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