358: U.S.S. Enterprise

DINKY 358 U.S.S ENTERPRISE (1976-1981):

The 358 U.S.S. Enterprise was the first Dinky model licensed from NBC’s  Star Trek TV Series. It was the first Star Trek toy made from die-cast metal and Dinky had the worldwide rights.


It was soon followed by the 357 Klingon Battle Cruiser from the same series.

USS plus Kling.png

The model featured opening bottom bay doors which acted as a stand. In the bay was a a detachable plastic shuttle craft.


The model fired ‘photon torpedoes’, which were in fact yellow or white plastic discs which were propelled out of the front of the space ship by flicking the metal bridge at the top of craft.


There were 8 discs or ‘torpedoes’ provided.

torpedoes .png

Originally supplied with yellow discs later models had white discs similar to those provided with the 357 Klingon Battle Cruiser. The white discs had random letters on the top

Torpedos Y and W.jpg

The removable shuttle craft sat in the launch bay underneath and was fixed by an extended lug.

shuttle in bay2.JPG

Although the shuttle was approximately the right shape there was very little detail.


Also provided in the box were additional decals and instructions.



The 358 U.S.S. Enterprise was modelled on the ship of the same name in the Star Trek TV series. In charge was Captain Kirk ably assisted by First Officer Spock whose pictures adorned the later version of the box.


The model was an accurate version of the actual prop. Irritatingly though the engines were bent downwards slightly giving the model a more stubby look.

Prop v Actual.png

The small plastic shuttle craft was based on the Galileo shuttle featured occasionally in the Star Trek TV series.

shutlle prop v actual.png


A pre-production pink version of the plastic front section was sold by Vectis Auctions.

pre prod.png
Sold at Vectis Auctions

In the 1980 trade catalogue a new version of the U.S.S.Enterprise was shown. This model was based on a later version of the Starship Enterprise which was featured in the first Star Trek Movie.

Dinky 80 UK Trade2.png

A comparison the the first and later version of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Enterprise movie prop.jpg


There were no known variants, although the model below, with yellow rather than orange nacelles and sensor was seen on an auction site but may be a Code 3.

variant yellow nacelles.png


There were two box types, the first an all cardboard version and the second a window box.

Box types x 2.png

box comp.png

There was a cardboard inner liner to protect the heavy model and the box.

358 box inner.JPG

The second box type was a window box

box2 comp.png


Under the heading ‘Three Great TV Series Gift Sets’, the 1978 trade catalogue announced the 306 Space Gift Set which included the 357 Klingon Battle Cruiser the 358 U.S.S. Enterprise and the ‘new’ 361 War Chariot in a never commercially released blue livery. This set was never released commercially.

1978 UK T 302EGS_307AGS_309SGS_.png
Dinky 1978 trade catalogue

By the time the 1978 consumer catalogue was released the set had been replaced with the 309 Star Trek Gift Set a far more logical (no pun intended) issue.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 15.23.55.png
Dinky 1978 consumer catalogue

The 309 Set was released in a window box and the models and accessories were identical to those issued a individual models.

box front4.png

The rear of the box had a cut out and make ‘Star Trek Communicator’,

box back.JPG

whilst the bottom of the box had landscape and badges to make.

box bottom.JPG

The 309 Gift set also appeared in the Dinky 1979 consumer catalogue.

1979 UK T 307AGS_309SGS.png
Dinky 1979 consumer catalogue


1976 UK C US C 111_358 FrontCover.png
Dinky 1976 UK consumer catalogue front cover
1976 UK C 358_359_360.jpg
Dinky 1976 consumer catalogue
1977 UK T 358_359 .png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue
1977 UK T 101_351_353_357_358_359_360_602.png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue
1977 US C 357_358.png
Dinky 1977 US consumer catalogue
Dinky 77 UK Cat.png
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue front cover
1977 UK C 357_358.jpg
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue
1978 UK C 357_358.jpg
Dinky 1978 UK consumer catalogue
Dinky 79 UK Trade 2.png
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue
1979 UK T 112_113_354_357_358_359_307AGS_309SGS.jpg
Dinky 1979 UK trade catalogue
1980 ECT FAIR 357_358_360_361_363.png
Dinky 1980 Earls Court Fair catalogue
1980 Mec T 357_358_801_802_803_804.png
Dinky 1980 Meccano trade catalogue



Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 13.14.45.png

Dinky Ad 1977.jpg
1977 Ad

USS Enterprise-cutout.png



Comparing the size of Dinky 358 U.S.S. Enterprise with the Dinky 803 U.S.S. Enterprise.

big and Small USS E2.png

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