352: Ed Straker’s Car

DINKY 352 ED STRAKER’S CAR (1971-1975):

Another TV tie in from the U.F.O. series was Ed Straker’s Car. It featured a ‘keyless clockwork motor’ and was produced for four years. The most common colour was a gold chrome finish.

352 3_4.jpg

The car was named after Col. Edward “Ed” Straker, played in the TV series by Ed Bishop, who set up SHADO following a series of UFO attacks in 1970. Straker masquerades as the head of Harlington-Straker Film Studios.


The other models from the U.F.O. programmes were the 353 SHADO 2 Mobile and the 351 SHADO Interceptor which had eight year production runs.

352 Side1.jpg
352 backand front.png
352 top.jpg
352 bottom.jpg

The car featured a ‘keyless clockwork motor’, activated by reversing car whilst pressing the rear down to wind up the spring and then letting the car go. Many versions have bumps and dings to the front bumper paintwork as a result. This motor was the same  as used in 108 Sam’s Car.

108 and 352 motors.jpg
The 352 Ed Straker motor at the top and the 109 Sam’s Car at the bottom


The car most prominently featured in the U.F.O. TV series was the brown coupe which SHADO’s Commander Straker used as his runabout. The car was based on a vehicle used in the 1969 movie, Doppelgänger, also known as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun which Gerry and Sylvia Anderson wrote and produced.

Doppelganger prop.png
Futuristic car used in Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

The car was described as turbine powered with power-operated gull wing doors and a built-in mobile phone. But actually beneath the aluminium bodywork was a modified Zephyr-Zodiac Mk IV chassis fitted with an Escort engine and gearbox, the phone was a prop and the doors had to be manually hauled up! See the picture below to see a rod holding the door open.

Prop COMP.png


The model is a little squatter than the actual prop used which was dark brown in colour. The shiny gold and later yellow livery of the Dinky version were presumably thought to be more attractive colours.

Prop v Actual2.png


A later version of Ed Straker’s car was also widely produced in yellow but is still rarer than the gold chrome version.

352 Y COMP.png

The interiors for both the Gold and the Yellow versions could be white, light or mid blue or the rarer black.

Variant interior G COMP.png
Variant interior Y COMP.png

The Gold version could have a painted/polished or bare metal base. The Yellow version had a black painted base.

Variant bases COMP.png

There were two different cast wheel types, concentric rings and spoked. The gold chrome version had both types but I’ve only seen the concentric rings wheel on the yellow version.

wheel types COMP.png


This is a chrome version of the 352, recently obtained. I am 99% sure its genuine as it had aged tell-tale overspray marks. I’ve done my best photographically to show the car but it looks far more play worn than it is in reality! If a collector has better pictures or can corroborate the production of this version, it would be much appreciated.

353 Chrome 3_4.jpg
353 Chrome Back and front.png
353 Chrome top.jpg
353 Chrome bottom.jpg

According to the Dinky Toys Encyclopedia there are other chrome Dinkys : 39eu Chrysler Royal, 149 Citroën Dyane, 965 Euclid rear dump truck and the 925 Leyland dump truck.


As with the 101 Thunderbird 2 and 103 Spectrum Patrol Car, experimental models with a plastic body with a metal base were made. They were a cost saving experiment which never went into full production and only a handful of these were ever made. They were not prototypes for the original model.

Both a red version, often incorrectly quoted as a full metal colour variant, and a green version are known to exist. Note the red version is sporting the later speed wheels.

Red and green plastic comp.png


Claimed as genuine but this is only version seen on an auction site.

variant blue.png


box COMP.png

A bubble box was produced for a short while. Only the Yellow variant was available in this box type.

box bubble COMP.png

The tall bubble version below has been seen once on a reputable auction site.  One expert has commented that the bubble top looks too high for the model. Are there any other examples out there?

Box tall card type.jpg
Image: Astons Auctions


The first appearance of Ed Straker’s car was in the 1972 Dinky catalogue and its last appearance in the 1975 version.

Cat 1972 UK.png
Dinky 1972 UK consumer catalogue
1973 UK C 351_352_353.png
Dinky 1973 UK consumer catalogue
1974 UK T 102_351_352_353.png
Dinky 1974 UK consumer catalogue
1975 UK C US T 351_352_353.png
Dinky 1975 consumer catalogue


After filming finished, the ex BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis (DLT) owned Ed Straker’s car for a while and then sold it. This car was discovered in 2011 and a fibreglass mould of the original body was taken with the intention of recreating Ed’s car.

prop dly and wreck.png

11 thoughts on “352: Ed Straker’s Car

      1. You can but the what I call the gaudy bright paint in Gold or Silver in a rattle can, a godsend for Dinky restorations I may add, and its great stuff to apply, I recently purchased two large cans of each colour for around £8.00 ! from Aldi!.


  1. Hi John, You’re absolutely right, Gerry and Sylvia produced the movie and wrote the script whilst Robert Parrish directed. Text corrected. Thank you Kevin


  2. You noted that the original prop car had Power doors. In reality it did not, every time you see the door(s) auto open, one side of the door will be out of shot. That is so you don’t see the hand of one of the crew, pulling the door up! Not really relevant for your site, but I have always found it fun trivia.


    1. Hi Richard, You are right, the actual prop looked far better than its construction implied and the doors were manually operated. From Wikipedia: “Both Ed Bishop and Michael Billington commented that the futuristic cars were “impossible to drive”, partly because the steering wheel was designed for looks rather than functionality. Also, the gull-wing doors did not open automatically. Every shot in which the car door was seen to open automatically had to be arranged so that a prop man could run up to the car, just outside the frame, open the door, and hold it open while Ed Bishop stepped out. In certain episodes (most notably “Court Martial”) the prop man can be seen.” I’ve modified the text slightly to clarify the fact from the fiction. Thank you for calling this out. Cheers Kevin


  3. These cars should be found and restored to show Generations what our parents thought the future Vehicles would look like The Innovation that went into these vehicles was astounding for its time most of the things that you see in the futuristic vehicles are in today’s automobiles


  4. I bought a 352 ed strakers car silver chrome because the person who sold it to me lives in liverpool he told me that it is really the factory paint and the interior is black


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