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This site covers over 60 Dinky models produced over the period 1964 to 1979 when the Binns Road, Meccano factory in Liverpool, England closed. The genres covered are Dinkys which were licensed from Films, TV shows or other entertainment media, were real or fictional space vehicles or were specials, created for fun rather than modelled on real vehicles.

This whole area of  the UK’s finest die-cast range is often ignored by more purist collectors who regard a ‘Zygon War Chariot’ as a Zamac abomination but one might argue that FAB 1 made up for the occasional aberration. If you don’t agree, click away now, if you do, scroll through a mouth watering, munificence of magnificent models that captured the hearts of children and some adults over 50 years ago.

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This is the complete list of models covered by the site:


The research for this site has been conducted on and off for around five years so I may have inadvertently missed out, forgotten or been unaware of a key source or link. Please advise and I will update this list.

M&M Auctions
Astons Auctioneers
Christies Auctions
eBay Auctions
Lacy, Scott, Knight Auction Centre
QDT Sales
Special Auction Services
Vectis Auctions
JK Diecast Models

Collectors Club of Great Britain site
DCTA (Dinky Toy Collectors Association site)
Dinky Toys Collection site
Eagle Transporter site
Fanderson site: Gerry Anderson’s official appreciation society
Joe 90 TV Series site
Laurent Classe Captain Scarlet Dinky Toys site
Laurent Classe FAB1 Dinky Toy site
Laurent Classe Thunderbird 2 Dinky Toys site
Thunderbirds TV series Wikia site
Lester Demon’s Supermarionation Site
Model Collector site
Paul Woods’ site: Project Sword
Planet Die-cast site
Scrapbox (Models of Thunderbirds)
Space 1999 TV series site
Space:1999 TV Series Martin Willey site
Talk Model Toys site
UFO TV Series site: Italian (also in English)
UFO TV Series site
Toys NZ Die-cast site
TV Century 21 site
Vintage British Die-cast site

Classic TV and Film Collectibles (Dominic Borrelli)
Diecast Collector
Dinky Toys Catalogues 1964-1980
Meccano Magazine
Model Collector
TV 21 Comics

Captain Scarlet Annuals (p) Century 21 Publications
Catalogue of British Diecast Model Toys John Ramsay (p) Warners Group Publications plc
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Joe 90 Annuals (p) Century 21 Publications
The Dinky Toys ‘FAB 1’ Rolls-Royce Kevin Bailey (p) A Ghosthunter Publication
The FAB Book of Gerry Anderson Dinky Toys (p) Fanderson.org.uk
The Factory of Dreams Kenneth D Brown (p) Crucible books
The Great Book of Dinky Toys Mike and Sue Richardson (p) New Cavendish Books
Thunderbirds Annuals (p) Century 21 Publications
TV Toys Anthony A McGoldrick (p) Shire Library
TV21 Annuals (p) Century 21 Publications
The Authorised Biography of Gerry Anderson Simon Archer and Marcus Hearn
(p) BBC

Kevin Bailey
David Busfield
Laurent Classe
Dominic Borrelli
Lester Demon
Jacques Dujardin
John King
Mike Piggott
Matthew Trbuhovic
Martin Willey

John Harrison
Charles Bussey
Gary Cooper
John Knox
David Penn
Patrick Collins
Adrian Smith
David Fortune
Shane Mace
Martin Gainsford
Mark Rogers
Bert van Ijken
Chris Turner
Neil Roe

Mike Piggott’s Diecast Toys and Models

The TV Shows featured on this site help reference their associated Dinky Toys and include:
Gerry Anderson/TV21 TV shows © ITV/Granada/Carlton International Media/ITC/Polygram
Star Trek © NBC/Paramount Pictures
The New Avengers/The Enchanted House © ITV Network
Emergency! ©NBC
The Adventures of Parsley © FilmFair/BBC
The Pink Panther Show © NBC/ABC

All other content referenced in the sources sections above remain the copyright of the original owners

All other content © DCMTV Space

This is an information only site. Any extracts and images reprinted here are not for profit and are not intended to infringe copyright.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I love your website! Growing up in Brighton during the early 1970’s had most of the Joe 90/ Captain Scarlett/ Space:1990 and UFO Dinky toys!

    Such a pleasure to see them all archived here!

    Thanks again, all the best mate…



    1. Thank you very much and I’m glad you enjoy the site. These models are a little addictive and also bring back fond memories for me. Must be a Kevin thing! Cheers Kevin


  2. Hi, I love your website! Growing up in Brighton during the early 1970’s had most of the Joe 90/ Captain Scarlett/ Space:1990 and UFO Dinky toys!

    Such a pleasure to see them all archived here!

    Thanks again, all the best mate…



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