Five Star Five

Five Star Five was a Gerry Anderson movie project which was begun in 1977, immediately after Space: 1999. The story was described as The Magnificent Seven in space. Five characters- including a talking chimp and a robot – must destroy an alien asteroid fortress that threatens a planet. Sadly in 1979, just before the production was about to start the funding was cancelled and the project abandoned.

So what is the connection to Dinky Toys? During the preproduction phase a number of spaceships were designed and initial drawings created, one of which looks as though it could have been a design inspiration for the 362 Trident Starfighter . Note also that the bad guys in this movie were called the Zargons, so could this also be linked to the Dinky Zygon fleet? An unproduced Gerry Anderson project, The Investigator, provided the templates for the 602 Armoured Command Car and the 674 Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch so it seems possible that the creative links between Gerry and Dinky may still have been strong enough to see further collaboration.

Michael Stringer’s Spaceship design for Five Star Five

Five Star Five is now available as a book and an audiobook. Details HERE

4 thoughts on “Five Star Five

  1. Thank-you for this post. I remember the articles mainly in Starlog magazine at the time of the film starting production, and then the disappointment of it suddenly coming to an end. It’s good to see this imaginative revival happening after all these years.


    1. Fortuitously the rights for Five Star Five are held by Jamie Anderson so he could exploit them. Perhaps if the book/CD does well he could raise finance for a movie or TV series!


      1. I’m probably stating the obvious, but there was a video presentation by Jamie Anderson and Richard James for the Five Star Five book on the Brit Sci-Fi online event over the weekend.

        There is mention of the book’s use of a sub-title, making it possible for follow-on adventures if popular. There are also a couple of audio clips of Gerry Anderson talking about the financing aspects of the planned film.

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