113 John Steed’s Jaguar

4th August 2019

JK Auctions recently sold a resin prototype of the never commercially released 113 John Steed’s Jaguar from the 1970’s New Avengers UK TV series. The prototype was originally part of the Parodi family collection who had exclusive import rights to Dinky Toys for Italy.

parodi collection 113 COMP.png
Resin prototype of 113 John Steed’s Coupe                Pictures: John Knox




One thought on “113 John Steed’s Jaguar

  1. During 1978 and 1979, production of Dinky Toys in Hong Kong was again resumed. These were poor quality models, however, compared to earlier Dinkys, and an attempt to cut production costs and possibly shift production should the Binns Road Factory close, which it eventually did. So, the last new Dinky Toys made by Meccano were Hong Kong products. These are now some of the most sought after of all Dinky Toys. A few, such as Steed’s Jaguar from the New Avengers TV series exist as pre-production examples only.

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