353: Shado 2 Mobile

DINKY 353 SHADO 2 MOBILE (1971-1980):

Three models were released by Dinky, licensed from Anderson’s and Century 21 production of U.F.O., a live action and real people series rather than made in Supermarionation i.e. puppets, broadcast between 1970 and 1972. Accompanying the Shado 2 Mobile was the 351 UFO Interceptor and 352 Ed Straker’s Car.


Dinky first released the Shado 2 Mobile in 1971. It was initially issued in a military olive green colour, designed to appeal both as a TV and a military toy. The last versions released from 1978 to 1980 were in metallic blue.

First and last versions of Dinky 353 Shado 2
Green and the later blue version of the Dinky 353 Shado 2 Mobile

The very first models probably had the smooth roofs which would have been more prone to bending and these were soon replaced by ribbed or grilled roofs. The majority of the smooth roofs were olive green although some were painted black. Once the ribbed roof became standard, they were mostly green although there are black versions. The black colour ribbed roof was standard  for the later blue versions. The first versions had an orange missile base (the underneath of the revolving roof), a red interior, black grill, light green base, large red brown wheels with silver tracks and a white missile with a red tip.

353 3_4 rocket.jpg
353 A Side.JPG
353 A Front Back.png
353 A Top.3JPG.jpg
353 A Top.4JPG.jpg
353 A Bottom.JPG

The model featured a firing rocket launcher hidden underneath a swivelling roof activated by a radar shaped switch on the roof. Note the six holes on the base stanchions /pillars at the rear of the model. These were only on the first brown wheeled models (see below for more details)


The SHADO all purpose multi-terrain tracked vehicles were designed for all conditions. They were used to transport men and equipment to the site of UFO landings. and were armed with depth charges, rocket-launchers and turret mounted machine guns.

Shado's Multi Purpose All Terrain Vehicle in action


The model was a reasonably accurate rendition of the original vehicle, apart from the colours used. It had an accurate cab design with windscreen wipers although the body had a more square shape than the curved original. The weapon on the model was a missile rather than a machine gun and mortar launcher on the prop.

Prop v Actual.png
Prop v Actual2.png


Further releases of the GREEN version had different interiors, wheel colours and sizes, track colours, vehicle and missile base colours and bases and of course boxes. There is no clear timeline as to what variation was released when, except that the green wheels came later than the brown ones. The green wheels were also used on other later military models such as the Chieftain and Scorpion Tanks (large size) and the Leopard Tank (small size)


There were four roof variants for the GREEN issues; green/smooth, green/ribbed and black/smooth and a black/ribbed version which was later used on the BLUE variants.


Six known interior colours were used, Red, Yellow, White, Cream, Pale Blue and Grey.

Interiors x 4 3.jpg
Yellow, Red, Pale Blue and White interiors
353_Cream COMP.png
Cream interior with white one for comparison. Image: Matthew Trbuhovic


The missile base colours were orange, black or green.

353 missile bases.png

Dignos Nostalgic Collections sold a version with a red base (?)

353 Red Base2


The base of the 353 GREEN variants came in three colours, black (shared with the Blue version), olive green and light green. There are some references to a white or cream version but this is tbc.

Shado 2 Green base variants
Black, olive green and light green bases


The GREEN Shado 2 model had 6 wheel variations. The earliest models had brown wheels presumably to simulate a mud caked appearance and then after military models such as 692 Leopard Tank and 683 Chieftain tank were introduced the green wheel variants, which were similar to those used on these models, were introduced.

353 Wheel variations

All the larger wheels were 16mm in diameter and the smaller ones were 11.6mm. The 683 Chieftain tank arrived in 1972, sporting the larger green wheels and the 692 Leopard tank in 1975 with the smaller wheels.

Wheels 6L COMP.png
683 Chieftain Tank, 353 Shado 2 Mobile, 690 Scorpion tank and 691 Striker anti-tank vehicle
Wheels 6S COMP.png

692 Leopard tank and 353 Shado 2 Mobile


The Green 352 Shado 2 had seven wheel different wheels. The most common large wheels were made in two shades of brown and two shades of green. Later models used a mixture of the large wheels and smaller ones, again in two shades of green and the final version had the small wheel type only.


Early variants had silver tracks and later versions could have either silver or black ones. The BLUE variants always had black. The six small wheel version used the smaller diameter 672 Leopard tank tracks as the standard size ones were too big.

Tracks COMP.png
Silver and black standard tracks and smaller black size for six smaller wheeled version


The base of the model changed early on in the production run. The first bases had six holes on the rear stanchions and no internal strengtheners.

rear view x 2.jpg
(L) Very early models had holes on the rear struts

Later green models including later versions of the brown wheeled type had a modified base. It looks a bit thicker and had two internal cross pieces. This looks like it’s for strengthening the base. Possibly because as the toy was heavy, if it was dropped or manhandled at the factory or at home this may have distorted the frame.

Rear side COMP.png
The base is extended a little and is thicker on later models
Bases only COMP.jpg
The base on the right is the later version, which did not have holes at the rear, and had two additional cross pieces to add strength

Another minor variant, spotted by Ian Senior, was different lettering on the plastic canopies. Early models had the letter ‘A’ up to (so far!) later models having an ‘F’ stamp. “B’s and ‘C’ have been seen so it’s likely that A to exist plus more? These can only be seen if the model is dismantled. These letters probably refer to different moulds used over the production run.


An all green version is owned by a UK collector and is the first one seen by this site. If there are others please get in contact. Was it a Friday afternoon job when the black paint ran out or an actual variant?

All green COMP.png
Image: Gary Cooper


The later BLUE variant of the Shado 2 mobile was painted a metallic blue, closer to the actual model which was powder blue, but in no way accurate. The TV series had long finished and the change of colour could be charitably attributed to wanting to freshen up the model or more cynically because they had a lot of blue paint lying around that needed to be used. This version was released in 1978 and was around until the factory closed. BLUE Shado 2s are relatively rare.

Box blu model.png

All the variants had black roofs and missile bases, white interiors and a  silver front grill. The most common variant had six large black wheels, a black base and green Shado 2 stickers

353 B Side.JPG
353 B Front Back.png
353 B Top3.png
353 B Top4.jpg
353 B Bottom.JPG

Other variants had two large and four small wheel combinations, these could be green and would have a light green base or black with a black base.

Bases Blue COMP.png
BLUE variants could have black or light green bases

All the larger wheels were 16mm in diameter and the smaller ones were 11.6mm.

Wheels Blue COMP.png

The last variants had no Shado 2 stickers presumably because they had run out of them. Although blue stickers are on sale nowadays these were never used on the original models.

The five known BLUE variants are shown below. Note the last one had a lighter blue colour and no stickers. The wheel variants are clearly being produced to use up existing stocks before the factory closure.

353 Blue_Var2.png

The first missile used on the GREEN version was the red and white version. The BLUE versions used the yellow and black version. The missiles were the same as the ones used with the 100 FAB one and the 361 Galactic and War chariots.

missiles COMP.png



A pre-production technical drawing from an ISOSHADO member has recently surfaced showing a Blue Shado 2 fitted with the later missile platform. This platform was used on the 361 Zygon War Chariot and the 368 Zygon Marauder. The part started life as a Meccano piece number 460.

Copy of original Dinky Design document Image: ISOSHADO

There are a number of dates on the drawing referring to previous iterations since the original (?) was created on 20th April 1970. The colours specified are, blue body , black base, black roof with black tracks, in fact the only difference to the most common blue 353 version was a yellow interior specified which was normally white. Like the 361 War Chariot, the missile base evolved from an all metal version to an all plastic one, cheaper to manufacture and readily available. Its likely that this Shado 2 was a final version, designed but not put into production before the factory closed. Here’s a photo mock up of what it would have looked like. The only technical modification would have been to change the fitting on the roof to accept the new missile launcher mounting.

Photo mock up of a preproduction 353 version


The Dinky 1978 trade catalogue featured a WHITE variant of the Shado Mobile but this was never commercially released.

White version3.png
CODE 3 version Shado 2

According to the Great Book of Dinky Toys, two colour variants were rescued from the Binns Road factory by Mike Richardson, a sand coloured and a light green metallic version. In the book there is a reference to a yellow plastic underpan for the Shado 2 which is possibly attached to the the green version below.

These models were later sold at Christie’s in July 2002.

Sand coloured3.jpg
Two colour samples of later green wheeled models from The Great Book of Dinky Toys
Sand coloured 353 edt.jpg
Image: Martin Gainsford


A Dinky Shado 2 Troop Transporter prototype using a Shado 2 body with the rear cut down to accept purpose made metal canopy. The model had a machine gun (?) mount on the roof and was painted in a military green & black camouflage. There are two  figures in the cab and decals. Model sold by Vectis Auctions.

Prototype Tropp Transporter.png
Prototype based on 353 Shado Mobile sold by Vectis Auctions


A prototype or possibly a one-off special has been sent in by Will, whose Uncle Eddie worked for Dinky in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  He gave Will a new version of the Shado 2 Mobile in 1976, which had a radar dish in place of the firing rocket, although they both had the same base. The radar could flip in and out of the roof just like the rocket.

Prototype COMP2
Image: Will

Leopard tank wheels and even tracks were used on some of the last 353s so this modification is not an unexpected try out for a new version although the play value of a firing rocket versus a radar was probably why it never went into production.

Prototype COMP 3
Image: Will

In the TV series, there was a Shado 2 Control with a radar dish, so it’s understandable that a Dinky  would look at creating this new version. They appear to have used the radar from the 696 Leopard Anti-Aircraft Tank (1975-1980), with a bit chopped off the end of the radar receiver.

shado and 696 COMP

CAVEAT EMPTOR:  LET THE BUYER BEWARE! Only one of these 353s was made and the owner has said he will not be selling it any time soon! So if one of these Shado Controls pops up on eBay or any other auction site then it’s a Code 3 and any price paid should reflect that. 

Follow this link here to see some CODE 3 builds from contributors to this site.


From 1971 to 1980 three box types were used for the model. The first box was a pictorial card box featuring a graphically illustrated model and instructions.

Box COMP .png
Shado 2 1st box
Packing piece and instructions

The second box was a bubble pack with a blue or white base.

box bubble 6.jpg
box bubble blue base.jpg

Later bubble boxes got the Health and Safety bug with multiple messages asking small boys not to fire missiles at their siblings. That would have worked.

box bubble blue base2.jpg
bubble base 1 white edt

Initially the bubble box base had lid removing instructions, then in later versions these were omitted. Note also the base card template changes from square to semi-circular holes.

bubble base bottoms COMP

Different fonts and sizes were used on the bubble box bases.

box bubble variations COMP.png

And the final box was the cardboard hanging boxed used for the green and the blue variants, the latter only being packed in this box. The polystyrene insert was made in one piece and snapped in half to fit.

Box Window green .jpg
Box Window Poly .jpg
Box Window Blue .jpg

The window box above featured a lunar scene although the Shado 2 was Earth based. The rear of the box also featured the moon but this time with the 351 Interceptor which was Moon based.

box bubble back.jpg


Pack 031 had 12 spare tracks and Pack 755/756 had 6 spare rockets.

Accessory packs.jpg


Although released in 1971, it did not feature in the catalogue until the following year and was ever present till the last consumer catalogue release in 1979. The BLUE variant was never featured presumably as existing photography, featuring a GREEN variant,  was used in the last catalogues.

Catalogue UK 1972.png
Dinky 1972 consumer catalogue
1973 UK C 351_352_353.png
Dinky 1973 UK consumer catalogue
1974 UK T 102_351_352_353.png
Dinky 1974 UK consumer catalogue
1975 UK C 351_352_353.jpg
Dinky 1975 UK Catalogue
1976 UK C US C 351_353_602.png
Dinky 1976 UK consumer catalogue
1977 UK T 101_351_353_357_358_359_360_602.png
Dinky 1977 UK trade catalogue
1977 UK C 351_353_359_360.jpg
Dinky 1977 UK consumer catalogue

In the 1978 trade catalogue the Shado 2 appeared in a all white paint job which was never commercially released. The consumer catalogue of the same year reverted the model back to its usual green livery.

1978 UK T 353_361_362_367_602.png
Dinky 1978 trade catalogue
1978 UK C 351_353.jpg
Dinky 1978 UK consumer catalogue
1979 UK T 353_361_362_364_367.png
Dinky 1979 consumer catalogue


Dinky Ad 8.jpg
Dinky Ad 6.jpg

Ed Bishop, who starred in U.F.O. as Colonel Ed Straker was employed to market the Dinky Toys licensed from the series but not strangely the 352 Ed Straker’s Car.

Ed bishop 351 353.jpg
Dinky Ad 1972.png
Advert 1972

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    It looks to be made around 1976ish? Due to all silver tracks still, yellow cabin and green inside roof for firing mechanism. What are your thoughts? Also ask Will when he received it? Also when did they produce The German Flak Tank 696? I’m sure it had to have been in production for awhile before they would have started to copy the radar for the Shado 2 command mobile. It only makes logical and monetary sense. That should be a pretty good targeted time of the prototype. But just ask Will. He will for sure have a answer on it.
    Matt A.
    Matt A.


      1. Hi Will,

        Well, I guess you know that I’m a history teacher not just a collector friend. Really appreciate the pics. Can you send me a close up of the radar and how it was mounted? I’m planning on making my own code 3 of it for my own collection buddy. I have an old 696 German radar tank. Going to disassemble it. Still need to see what kind of rivet. You have an amazing collection friend!
        Kind regards,


    1. Ooohhh excitings! Spend a couple of weeks not visiting this site and come back to find pandemonium!

      The 696 Leopard anti-aircraft tank first appeared in the Dinky consumer catalog no. 11 with “new autumn ’75” next to its drawing (oddly the drawing has the radar on backwards, corrected for issue 12) as part of a wider issue of new military toys. Thus the radar would have been available within Dinky a few months prior to this.
      Took a bit of genius to think of plonking this on a Shado2 to make a Shado Control.
      Now, where can I find a cheap 696……


      1. Howdy Martin,
        Glad you returned to our Dinky World. You missed the Super Bowl/World Cup friend! You will need to play catch-up with the 696 buddy! Good hunting!!!!
        Post- Pandemonium,


  2. Howdy Kevin,

    It could be as early as 1975 ish due to also fitting all categories I mentioned earlier except orange roof. Just a few observations.
    Regards, Matt


  3. Howdy Kevin,

    It could be as early as 1975 ish due to also fitting all categories I mentioned earlier except orange roof. Just a few observations.
    Regards, Matt


  4. Hi Kevin,
    Can you send Will my gmail address for me since you should have it. I what to send him some pics of my collection. If he is interested. And didn’t want to announce it yo the world.
    Thank you!
    Matt Adams


  5. Hi Kevin and Will,
    It looks like the engineers cut off about half a inch off the the silver steel swivel mount. Check it out. And it basically is just a German radar remounted as you had mentioned Kevin. But man… it really looks neat! I just showed my older brother who is also a keen collector. Dinky had such great talent and resourcefulness. Miss such creative engineers in today’s toys. Where are they all??? Sorry for nostalgia. Back to reverse engineering Shado 2’s. By the way that was my father’s job in WW2. I guess it rubbed off.


  6. Hi Kevin,

    Correction, it appears to be 3/4 of a inch. Not 1/2 inch. That was removed on steel swivel.


  7. Hi Will and Matt, Many thanks, Will for providing the information and the pictures of your 353 Radar version and to Matt for your help in the ‘how it was probably done’ bit. If anyone reading this knows if the radar dish is available as a spare part and what the rivet holding this to the base is please let us know and then the Code 3 builds can begin! Cheers Kevin


    1. Howdy Kevin and Will,

      The process has already begun with me! Making my own code 3 the mother lode of our hobby has begun!
      Big thanks to Will!!!
      Cheers to all,


  8. Hi Kevin and Will,

    I hope one of the Dinky suppliers will make a Shado Control sticker/Decal.



  9. Oh my god its the holy grail of shado 2, I heard chatter online about it yesterday and had to see it for myself and WOW!!! I can see a lot of collectors trying to make there own code 3 but to have the prototype I’m green with envy, its simple but its perfect even looks like the one on the show, and now to see it thank you for showing it on your site, and send Will a big thank you for letting people see it at last.. this has made my day..

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    1. Hi Robert, Glad you liked the post and Will is a top man! My broker says, ‘forget bitcoin – invest in battered Leopard AA tanks’ Watch the eBay prices rise! Cheers Kevin


      1. Howdy Robert,

        You have summed up best and encapsulated the moment with calling the radar disk “The Holy Grail”, of our great hobby!!! Indeed, it is so simple to recreate it is genius!

        Happy Hunting To All,
        Matt A.


    2. I’ve already made a shado control using the radar off a leopard 696, but made the top solid with the radar on top. So simple though how this one has been done better get the bits to copy it.


  10. My husband is a huge fan of the Gerry Anderson dinky toys, and even over here in the states we have heard about it, so to see it its like a dream come true for him, as you stated everyone will now be looking on ebay for the leopard AA tank to try and make there own copy of it, its so ingenious that guy at the dinky factory was so skilled, to make this prototype from other bits from the factory is so clever why it was never put into production I will never know, but as you say the kids liked the rocket firing one, but to see it at last is every collectors dream come true and now its going to be hell to find a aa tank on ebay now lol, Thank you for sharing the pictures and the information about it, give Will a huge thank you and will he be posting any more pictures of it, just amazing .. fantastic site you have here keep up the good work and again give Will are thanks..
    Heather and Jake

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  11. I had to see it, GOOD LORD!! it’s the shado control mobile prototype.. there is a god!!! we all knew that they had to have made one but to see it at last well it just blew me away, the simple engineering man that guy is a genius, Many thanks for finally letting everyone see it at last and for putting a huge smile on my face, now I will have to work out how to make my own one now, and your right the price of the leopard AA tank will sky rocket but its worth it, great site and many thanks to Will for sharing the “HOLY GRAIL” as written in the other comment..

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    1. A Great big Huzzah!!!! We salute you Will! Thank you so much for sharing pics with The Shado 2 enthusiasts and collectors!!!! And to Kevin for posting all!!! Now back to code 3 Shado Control workings.
      Matt A.


  12. I’m a shado 2 collector and to finally see the prototype shado control mobile no words can describe how I feel right now, we all hoped and dare I say wished that one day it would arise from it hiding place and after 44 years we can now see it, and yes it was worth the wait!! .
    The code 3 makers are going to have a building frenzy now just trying to make a copy of it, and I looked on ebay their is only 2 available and the bidding war has already begun, some how I will have to try and get hold of the 696 radar so I can start making mine.
    Many thanks for letting us finally see it. and to add the missing link to our collections.


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  13. Have seen the efforts some have done over the years to try and create the shado control mobile and failed, but to see the prototype at last it’s so simple and it’s so logical that he used parts from the 696 radar in the factory to make this prototype as many have said the guy is a genius, I will be making my own one now but getting the 696 will be the hard part, but with some horse trading I should be able to get my hands on one.. let the code 3 shado control mobile make off begin..
    Great site and thanks for showing us collectors a peak at it, the other comments are so correct this is the “Holy Grail” the “Missing Link”…


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  14. Already having problems with my code 3, have the radar dome and filed it so it fits into the arms of the launcher but when I put the rivet in place the radar wouldn’t stay in place it would either flop back or just flop forward, when I rotated the roof section it came down and got stuck so had to take the body apart.. looked at the pictures again and I see no screw clamping it together or a washer between the dome and one of the arms!!..on the pictures I just see the normal dinky rivet and its not clamping the arms together..so I’m stuck 😦 how on earth did he managed to do it??????,.. you can’t use a nut or bolt to hold it together as it would look horrible, has anyone got any ideas!


    1. Hi Robert,

      I believe it should have a spring. When I removed the missile launcher part from the mount it had a small spring wrapped around the rivet. So may need the spring to hold tension pressure on the radar. Not sure if the spring is supposed to be all along the rivet or just on one side of the rivet to cause tension? Well I will discover that when my rivets arrive. And let you know.
      Good Luck friend,


      1. To be clearer, I should say the spring was around it or only on one side of the rivet to cause tension.


      2. just had a really close look at the pictures and I can’t see no spring the gap is very small,i don’t think the spring would work as the radar dome is top heavy and the spring wouldn’t hold it in place, scratching my head at the moment;



  15. Hi Robert,

    Ask Will. He surely has a answer if it has a special way like a piece that we missed. However, if you look at your regular Shado 2 mobile it does require a spring for the mechanism to move over. So maybe this one requires a special spring ?


    1. Hi Robert,

      The more I see the engineeering issue. The more I noticed that the missile launcher requires a block lock fit in order to move over it to the right to get vertical movement up and down. So too, I reckon, the movement for the radar. So maybe, not entirely sure friend, the technician from Dinky used a block piece from the missile as well??? Not sure, so don’t go chopping just yet. But interesting situation to solve. Still trying to figure it out as well. Maybe, there is a real engineer out there who can assist all of us???? Kevin and Will please help us all amigos.
      Matt A.


      1. Hi Robert,

        Man….it sure looks like a rivet holding it in place only???? From closeups of pics. So, maybe not block but only a large size rivet???? Maybe, it does move about easily? Is there a locking ? But then like you said, it will get caught inside trying to flip it. I think I will wait for a definitive answer from our friends. Who can probably shed more light.



  16. Hi all, I have had a look at it and there is No SPRING! The rivet turns freely so its not clamping it together and its not a tight fit, I phoned my uncle an hour ago and ask him about it.. the reply was, He wanted a child to be able to move the radar up and down freely only using one finger and when it rotated into the main body it stayed in the stored position, yes he had the same problems as your having by all accounts 2 failures but he figured it out, a simple and nearly invisible solution and it worked and its sill working after all these years, he is going to email me the part you need and what he said its only around 0.20/0.30 mm thick.. he said he found the part in the box of dinky spare parts and if your lucky you may already have it without knowing it..


  17. Hi Will,

    Just noticed my last post, Google acting strangely again, my last post ending in a question mark. It should have been a comma! This isn’t the first time they messed up. Really can’t stand google auto stuff. Oh well back to our glorious hobby, can’t wait for your Uncle’s solution! Once again, thx for assisting all of us to achieve our dream mobile in waiting 44 years buddy!
    Regards, not ?


    1. Hi Will,

      Outstanding!!! We all really appreciate it friend! I shall try the Magic part with as you say “touch of an angel to it”! Although, I’m a gorilla with models at times. Will let you know and others once all my rivets arrive. Everyone else, that reads this, Please us all know how your creations are turning out and any further obstacles you may encounter and possible solutions you have arrived at.


  18. This is how he made it work.. get your radar dome and file one side until its a very tight fit between the arms, then STOP!! step 2, you need to make a friction plate to go between the arm and the radar dome, if your have the 696 AA TANK take apart the turret and inside you will see a metal spring strip he said you need to remove it and use it to make a friction plate as on one end it has the perfect size hole, once removed cut carefully above the hole about 2 or 3 mm..the other end trim but leave enough of it to grip it as you will have to do some test fittings.. now take the friction plate and try and gently side it between the arm and the radar dome, if its to tight file ever so slightly then try again when you file you must have the touch of an angel do to much and its ruined.. “remember it has to be a tight fit to work” when you think you can slide it in and the holes line up insert the rivet and try to raise and lower the dome, you must be able to do it with one finger, if to tight take apart and gentle file remember touch of an angel, then try again.. if you do it right then you should be able to raise and lower just using your index finger.. then to make sure put in lower position and turn it upside down if the dome doesn’t move you have done it.. now take it all apart again and trim the friction plate so it matches the side of the arm and then reinstall if you can use the old dinky rivet even better.. once in place you should not be able to see the friction plate and you will have a perfect working radar dome..


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  19. So simple its ingenious, you have just saved me a lot of head scratching Will, many thanks for sharing how it was done.. your the man..


  20. All I can say it was very kind that Will has helped us all out by telling how it was made and what we need, this is a godsend to all avid shado 2 collectors and it will make are collections finally complete, but now the sad part there are those who will now see how it was done and start making there own ones to sell on EBAY for big bucks which is totally wrong, Will helped us all out to make are dream come true but the few will ruin it for us.. So I think you should REMOVE his message about how it was done to stop people making money on it!! It will be a sad day when you see dozens turning up for sale on EBAY, so please remove his message its the right thing to do and keep the secret between us collectors.


  21. I would have to agree with Heather with what see wrote in her message, we are going to get those who will only make a copy of the prototype to sell on ebay for over the top prices, so its better to remove the message and if a serious collector needs advice on building one then they can always ask for help on here from proper collectors who know the secret on how it was made.


  22. Hi Robert and Heather, it’s ok it doesn’t worry me but if Kevin wants to remove it I’m fine with it, but just to let you know when he build the prototype my uncle scratched a prototype number inside the base and body.. which has 2 letters and 5 numbers I never knew what it stood for until he told,


  23. I agree with Heather, however, Just took a look out there under numerous ways searches etc. to find a 696 on eBay and only saw three complete radars. Provided they have the magic parts inside. One looks like it is missing a lot of parts.
    So, don’t think we shall see many or dozens trying to be dishonest. A complete 696 were hard to find before.


  24. One last observation on this subject, I have never seen any blue metallic Shado interceptors for sale. Claiming original or code 3’s. Some suppliers have parts that you can buy that look like the original prototype which is on this site too. And it is of a simpler construction. But as you say there will always be somebody probably.


  25. Thank you for all your comments relating to whether or not the instructions on how to build a Code 3* Shado 2 Control should be displayed here. Both sides of this discussion are valid and I have taken some time to think about my proposed course of action and got some soundings from other collectors.

    As the modification can be done by a reasonably competent modeller it is possible that someone will make one and try to pass it off as genuine and even by just using the images it would be possible to create a look-a-like that may mislead many. Sadly this is a common occurrence with not only Dinky Toys but many other items sold on eBay and other auction houses.

    One of the original reasons for setting up this site was to collect and then collate information across this genre so that collectors, buyers and sellers would have a reference point to enable them to identify and categorise models accurately. I have also have tried to point out Code 3s that may appear as genuine (see the all-white 353, the never released Steed Jaguar 113 etc). Will that prevent all fraud? No, but the motto ‘caveat emptor’ let the buyer beware is crucial advice when purchasing anything and hopefully this site can help to provide information to help potential buyers identify genuine v counterfeit items.

    So for now I will keep the instructions visible so that other genuine collectors can also see how to make this modification and again thank Will for his help and support here. I will keep any eye on this and review if necessary. You can contact me directly on the site email address dcmtvspace@ virgimmedia.com if you would like to discuss this further.

    To further allay concerns I have also put up a note on the site about this Shado’s provenance and that it is unique so hopefully this will enable prospective purchasers to see that any similar models on sale are Code 3s and not genuine.

    Thank you again for those who have contributed to this discussion.

    *(A Code 3 is an non-authorised modification to an existing model and should be labelled as such by any seller) Thank you Kevin


  26. Just got a beat up shado 2 from ebay and with some help from a mate I have the 696 so the strip down has begun and now the hard work begins on trying to recreate my code 3 copy, outstanding that Will has told how his uncle did it and for posting it on the comments, Thanks Kevin and Will for helping us out.. great site for avid dinky toy collectors and for the help and advice you have given us,

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  27. Totally agree with your comments Kevin, Keep up the good work we need guys like you to keep our dreams alive, getting the 696 is hard but if need be I will sell my soul lol .. maybe not 🙂 .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kevin and Will,

      I totally agree!!! Thank you guys for helping us Achieve our dream! Thank you Kevin for your steadfastness in our hobby!
      Well, I’m still waiting for a part! A Pipe Dream at the moment.


    2. Kevin and Will,

      I totally agree!!! Thank you guys for helping us Achieve our dream! Thank you Kevin for your steadfastness in our hobby!
      Well, I’m still waiting for a part! A Pipe Dream at the moment.


  28. I have a 696 at last yeah baby 🙂 time to start making my code 3 version cheers Will for sharing the Information on how to do it properly big thumbs up..

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Holy crap its the prototype we have been hearing about, damn it looks brilliant and so simple those guys back in the day were in the class of there own,

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Well I won’t be seeing my husband for a while now as UPS delivered a Dinky shado 2 and he got his hands on a beat up 696 and I can get the smell of paint stripper coming from his man cave lol so the build has begun.. I thought I was going to be a golf widow lol but now it seems its going to be a dinky widow.. BOYS AND THERE TOYS lol..

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Finally made my code 3 copy of the prototype after a few hiccups, did a few changes to it like.. I removed the 4 inner sets of wheels and replaced them with the wheels from the 696 and sprayed the body silver and the base black, including the flip top roof and radar dome, and maybe went a bit over the top and sprayed the wheels also silver and put on black tracks, all in all not bad for a beginner and now takes pride and place with my other shado 2’s.. One day I may respray it so it looks like the prototype.
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Ben, sounds like as very interesting Code3 build and I’d love to see it. Please send some pictures to dcmtvspace@virginmedia.com, if I can get a few of these builds from other collectors together I’ll put up a page so we can all enjoy the results of this hard work. Cheers Kevin


  32. Hi to All,

    I just got my parts. Does anyone know How do you remove the radar from the casing? I don’t want to break the shaft or pin going across do I? Thx


    1. Hi Kevin,
      Quick question, were there ever black track treads on brown/reddish brown road wheels? I’ve seen silver only. And of course, green wheels with both silver and black treads.
      Thx Matt


      1. Not that I am aware of and I believe the early green wheel versions had silver ones as well so black tracks came later. Cheers Kevin


      2. Hi Matt. I’m just new here and i’m just learning my way about 353’s and i happened to read your quick question. I had a white variant shado 2 353 with 6 large reddish brown wheels and black tracks. It has a cream interior, a smooth white roof and rocket somewhat cream or light yellow with a red tip. Any info about this variant?
        I’ll appreciate it very much if you can shed any light on this particular variant.


      3. Hi Salvador, could you send photos to dcmtvspace@virgin media.com and I’ll be happy to take a look and give you an opinion. Cheers Kevin


      4. Hi Salvador,
        Your description definitely sounds like a code 3. That is, a custom job not an original production line model. I’m no expert however, the only white variant never went into production. It was only advertised in last catalogue. See Kevin’s site towards the bottom on catalogues and variants. Still it sounds like a nice variation. You have.
        Happy Collecting,


  33. Just finished my copy, left the main shado 2 in the play worn condition I got it in but painted the radar and base in a oxford green but try as I might I could not get any olive drab paint looks odd but when things get back to normal I will do a complete respray,


  34. My husband has finished his one now, after 2 aborted resprays he went with the last version of the shado 2 the blue one and he also removed the 4 inner wheels and replaced them with the ones from the 696 and then polished the radar dome to a nice shine. I have to admit he did a nice job.


  35. Howdy To All,

    A quick question but most important, does anyone know what size rivets you need for Shado 2’s? For the 4 rivets of the flip roof mechanism and then also, for the mount that holds the missile launcher? And what supplier on this planet is still in business? So sorry, I guess that is three questions?
    Greatly appreciate any knowledge and experience on this! I’m a novice on rivets.
    P . S.
    Thx the Lord Dinky changed everything else to simple screws!


  36. Well I got a beat up 696 and decided to use my all green original shado 2 as the donor but left it all original even the stickers, but I did a change the mounting bracket to the launcher as I thought it didn’t look that good with the square front so with a lot of hard work with the file I rounded the front of the base and plus the radar didn’t come with the nose cone bit in front so had to scratch my head and make up one, all in all it does look pretty good and will go well with my fleet of shado 2’s,


  37. Forgot to say I will send pictures so you can add mine to the other code 3’s and so far they all look damn good,
    keep up the good work Kevin,


  38. Hi Jeff,

    I want to be the first one to say SPOT ON !!! Love the rounded end. I bet if Dinky was still in business after 1980 they would have probably designed something like that as well! Great Job!!!


  39. Hi Kevin,

    I have a blue Shado 2 that has a black chassis with large black wheels, however never a sticker on the sides. I see you have variations this would be a 6th. If you would like a pic let me know friend.
    Matt A.


  40. Hi all. I just got a Shado 2 353 today and I did some research about it and it led me here. The problem is, I can’t find anything that matches my model. It’s a white variant, smooth white roof, green shado 2 sticker on the sides, black tracks, cream interior, 6 large almost maroon colored wheels and a cream or light yellow rocket with a red tip.
    Can anybody help me with this variant? Is it a rare one if not a one off?
    My brother actually had 3 353’s, he kept the green one and gave me this white variant and a blue variant to our eldest brother. All don’t have boxes anymore but all have rockets on the launcher.
    I could send some pictures for verifications if somebody would ask for them.
    I’m from the Philippines btw. Thanks on advance.


  41. Is there a “definitive” list of the Shado 2 variants, I can see there are 5 blue versions but what about the green type?
    regards Jonathan


    1. Hi Jonathan, A very good question! I have seen various lists and the numbers vary on all of these. The key versions are the wheels (size and colour), the base (colour and rear moulding) , the roof (colour and moulding) and the missile base colour. Minor variants are the interior colour, tracks colour and style, missile colours and obviously box type. I believe I’ve captured all of these (happy to be proven wrong!) on the post above. I have made a start on creating a ‘definitive’ list but its WIP. Also because almost all the parts are interchangeable its is not difficult to create a version or variant that was never commercially released. If any reader has further thoughts on this or a list please do send this to me as will help to format an authoritative, if not a definitive, list. Cheers Kevin


      1. Hi Kevin, it did cross my mind that there could possibly be lottery number variations made of each variant ie a basic model could have a different colour cab on the same model and be counted as 6 variants……

        I have collected over the years 8 different ones. Each 1 has something which it must have left the factory with, as you say colour, wheels, base etc. I dont have the grey or cream interior in any but 4 of them have white ones so I guess that could be swapped out as and when but then it goes back to the above point .

        Anyway a starting point of 8 , anymore out there ?


  42. Hello I have a Shado 2 Mobile that I would like to sell. Thanks to your site I’ve learned a lot, I didn’t realise how many variants there are. Mine has a green ribbed roof, white interior, green wheels with black track, a green missile base, the missile is orange with a black tip, and the base is light green. If I put it on the internet at £45 is that reasonable? Sadly it doesn’t have a box but is in good condition with a few tiny marks on one side. Could I ask more? – the prices fetched seem to vary widely. Thank you for any advice.


    1. Hi Mandy, It’s difficult to be specific about an eBay price as there are a lot of factors that come into play. £45 is not unreasonable if the model is in very good condition and you can always lower this if it doesn’t sell initially. You don’t say whether it will be a Buy It Now or and auction or a combination of both. Do make sure you have good quality photos that show the details and you display all sides of the model. Cheers Kevin


      1. Many thanks for the advice. I’ll sell it as a buy now. I have a chieftain tank dinky toy as well so I’ll put them both on Etsy.
        Best wishes


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