Lego Eagle

Proposed Lego Eagle Transporter

Andy Thomas a regular visitor and contributor to this site has approached me asking for support for his Lego build proposal for an Eagle Transporter from the TV Series Space 1999

Andy says:

Why do I want you to hit the blue Support button? This is a set aimed at two generations. Did you ever have a toy that lasted forever, and was your go-to toy for adventuring? For me, that was my die cast Dinky Eagle. In fact, I had two! Commander Koenig and his crew are probably largely responsible for my love of realistic science fiction and coincidentally their TV series first aired in the year I was born – it just celebrated its 45th anniversary! Other Eagle projects here have shown there’s still a lot of love for the show.

If you like the idea of a building your own Eagle then you’ll need to VOTE HERE 

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