Christie’s Auction July 2002

GA expert Martin Gainsford has provided images from the Christie’s Auction catalogue of 11th July 2002 . It features a stunning set of pre-production models and prototypes of  four models, 106 Thunderbird 2, 104 SPV, 351 Interceptor and the 353 Shado 2 .

He says: “I was fortunate at the time to have been involved with FANDERSON and requested by Christie’s to act as one of their advisors for the Anderson related items so had the chance to handle and see up close all the pieces for sale.” 

Composite of  Images from Martin Gainsford

The catalogue does not have an image of the 353 Shado 2s but Martin photographed them a year or two prior to this auction at an exhibition.

Sand coloured 353 edt.jpg
Image: Martin Gainsford

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